How to Become a Computer and Information Systems Manager: Keeping the New Economy Running

If you already work within information systems and computer programming and are looking to move forward in your career, you may be wondering about how to become a computer and information systems manager. As the American economy grows ever more based in technology no matter what the industry, businesses of all kinds will continue to require more and more qualified managers to handle their IT needs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects a 17% increase in these management jobs through 2018. Growing your qualifications in this direction will demand both extensive targeted experience and academic training, and you will need to develop a strategy for building those qualifications.

Computer and Information Systems Manager Education Degree Requirements

Computer and information systems managers generally start in a computer occupation, and a strong educational background, as well as technical expertise, are common prerequisites. That usually means a bachelor’s degree in a field like computer science, information systems, business IT, computer technology or technology management, although students with backgrounds in fields like economics, econometrics, statistics, applied mathematics, and other areas that require extensive computer skills are also in a good position to enter the field.

However, technical experience and undergraduate study are just the beginning. Because IT problems involve all aspects of a business, employers will also want potential managers to understand human resources decisions, sales, marketing, accounting, and any number of other issues, which are handled by a company’s computer systems. Often, this means going beyond your work experience with an MBA, which demands two years of study and covers typical business topics like finance, marketing, accounting, and management, as well as specialized material for IT professionals like database management, electronic business, and systems management and design.

Becoming a Computer and Information Systems Manager: Career Outlook

With a good working background, appropriate undergraduate study, and MBA training with an IT emphasis, computer and information systems managers can look forward to a diversity of career paths, including some of the following positions:

  • IT directors, who manage a company’s computing resources to make sure they are available and secure for users throughout the organization.
  • IT project managers, who develop standards, budgets, and schedule the implementation of tech projects for their employers.
  • Chief technology officers (CTOs), who evaluate new technologies and their applicability to an organization, develop technical standards, supervise a company’s IT workers, and communicate with top management
  • While becoming a computer and information systems manager represents a substantial investment in time and tuition, the rewards can be significant. Although earnings vary substantially by industry and specialty, median earnings for computer and information systems managers clock in around $112,000 a year, with the middle 50% earning between $88,240 and $141,890 annually.

    Increasingly, the higher rungs of corporate hierarchies are opening up to managers from the IT field, as more and more business functions run through IT channels. Education in information systems management today will enable a strong candidate to compete for top positions of an entrepreneurial nature in the future. Ready to begin you career as a computer and information systems manager? Start your search for computer schools on our site today.